Terms of Use

Terms of Use


We online to www.tirupattur.online ("Tirupattur/Site"). These are the terms and conditions speaking to your use of the Site ("in this way after implied as Acceptable Use Policy "AUP"). By getting to Tirupattur either through the site or some other electronic device, you perceive, recognize and agree to the going with terms of the AUP, which are planned to guarantee that Tirupattur works for everyone. This AUP is fruitful from the time you sign in to Tirupattur. By enduring this AUP, you are moreover enduring and consenting to be bound by the Privacy Policy and the Listing Policy.

1.Using Tirupattur.

You agree and appreciate that www.tirupattur.online is a web-enabled electronic stage that energizes onlinemunication for the explanations behind publicizing and passing on information identifying with items and also organizations. You moreover agree and understand that we don't grasp, promote or propel any of the postings, postings or information, nor do we whenever online into responsibility for participate in the scattering of any of the items and additionally organizations, you have posted, recorded or given information about on our site. While participating with various customers on our site page, concerning any posting, posting or information we solidly encourage you to hone sensible inventiveness as you would in traditional detached channels and practice judgment and online on since before web based sitting to or online plate proposed bargain, purchase of any stock or organizations or exchange of information. Were online repair that you read our Safety tips before doing any development on our site.

• You agree that your posting, posting as well as Information :

1. will "not be false, contort, mislead or identify with the offer of any unlawful, counterfeit, stolen stock as well as organizations

2. will not identify with awesome , organizations of which you are not the legitimate proprietor or you don't have the authority or consent to 'list' which don't have a place with you or you don't have the master for.

3. will not infringe any ensured advancement, upper hand, or other prohibitive right or benefits of presentation or security of any pariah.

4. will not involve material that is a surge of stubbornness, extremism or despise in light of age, sex, race, religion, standing, class, lifestyle tendency, and nationality as well as is in being ominous, slanderous to any outcast.

5. will not disturb, contain filth or contain "foul depiction of women" inside the importance of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986.

6. will not pass on or contain spam, extraordinary/garbage letters, or false plans of action in any of its structures.

7. will not pass on contaminations or whatever different headways that may hurt Tirupattur or the interests or property of Tirupattur customers or power an unreasonable load on the system or interfere with the most ideal working of Tirupattur.

8. will not, particularly or by suggestion, offer, attempt to offer, trade or try to trade any stock and ventures, the overseeing of which is denied or bound in any capacity under the courses of action of any suitable law, represent, control or administer for the present in force.

9. will not be placed in a wrong class or in a misguided zone of the site.

10. will not be placed in some other Tirupattur site beside on the site that relates to the city in which you ara e found.

11. will not once-over or post or identify with information that is either denied or restricted under the laws of the Republic of India and such posting, posting or information won't manhandle Tirupattur's Listing Policy.

12. You consent to get onlinemunications by email, call or by such other strategy for onlinemunication, electronic or for the most part related to the organizations gave through the webpage.

• You agree that your posting, posting and additionally Information:if you use the Site by enrolling on the Site, you are accountable for keeping up the grouping of your User ID, watchword, email address and for binding access to your onlineputer, onlineputer structure, onlineputer arrange and your Tirupattur record, and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your User ID and mystery key. If you get to the Site using any electronic device other than by selection on the Site, the AUP remains suitable to you in an indistinct route from if you are an enlisted customer on the Site.